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Firefox Updated by Mozilla

Coalition Begins Spyware Definitions

The definitions of Adware and Spyware were partially defined today in what industry aware consumers and Internet users are calling "a beginning". The definitions have only begun, but it is a start by many consumer groups and Anti-spyware vendors at defining a uniform standard of definition. If definition can be clarified, then consumers can be more easily educated and anti-spyware programmers are likely to find ways to improve the effectiveness of their anti-spyware and adware products.

The Director of product management at Samantec Corporation, Dave Cole, a member of the coalition that began assembling and defining the terms said, "It's not the end game but it's a great starting point. You've got to have a foundation, a common vocabulary to start with ... and have all of us speak the same language."

Whether or not the coalition can accomplish producing the terminology and definitions of the invasive and sometimes harmful programs is still a question to be answered, but the document does state clearly the parameters necessary to classify specific programs into categories. In addition to the commonly recognized types of junkware that are thrust upon most users, the coalitions definitions categorize such diverse deceptive and invasive programming as hijackers and cookies that limit or take control of some elements of Internet browsers or whole systems in the extreme, effecting privacy and or security.

Over 90% of online users have modified their behavior as a result of either encountering the software or knowing someone that has been affected.  When you consider that about 43% of adult users have been effected by one form or another of this type of software, then it's not surprising that it has generated a reduction in productivity and the loss of feeling secure and in control by many in the computing industry.

The good news is that the coalition expects to have more concrete and complete definitions by this fall, which should encourage the industry to move forward in defeating the entire genre of deceptive, controlling, invading and thieving types of software.

Education is still each users best hope of avoiding the destructive and invasive attempts of other at gaining a free ride on your dollar. There are many sites, such as this one, that are helping to inform anyone willing to reach out and seek the techniques and behavior necessary to avoid the repercussions associated with the loss of personal information or control of their "personal" computer.

We have provided link to other sites that provide information and solutions in our

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Mozilla Updates Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 1.0.5 recently.  The updated Firefox browser addresses several bug fixes that close the door on security vulnerabilities discovered recently and improves program stability.  Some of the fixes were done in anticipation of possible future exploits that "Bad guys" may attempt to use.  Chris Hoffman, Director of Engineering at Mozilla said "We're also trying to anticipate some potential security problems with this update by patching vulnerabilities that alone aren't that significant, but might be used together to create an exploit. Most of them involve quite a bit of user interaction." Overall, the updates are an attempt to  "stay ahead of the bad guys."

Firefox is an alternative Browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and has gained a respectable market share in the last 6 months.  It does not appear to have as many vulnerabilities as the Microsoft product and is less of a target for hackers and spyware/adware programmers.  Many of the features found today in Firefox are expected to be in the upcoming Version 7 of MS Internet Explorer.  The success of Firefox has gotten Microsoft on their toes due to Firefox's more innovative user console and ad-ins. Try Firefox today by clicking the following link to download the latest version.  You'll be glad you did!  Download Firefox 1.0505

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