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A telephone scam for identity theft is moving around the country. It is serious in that the caller pretends to be with the court system and informs you that you have neglected to answer the summons for jury duty. They then begin a campaign designed to get you to reveal your social securiity number or other "positive means of identification".   Any court worker would already have this information and would not need it to remove an arrest warrant.  Also, the court system does not use telephone calls for serious matters such as a notification of failure to answer a summons for jury duty.
Click here to see what the FBI has to say about this fraud-->   FBI
Domain Registry of America is posting what appear to be bills for renewing your web site and I personally find the letter to be misleading.  Although it apparently meets the letter of the law for legality, it is questionable as to whether or not it is moral.
As I understand it, there is legislation currently being considered to outlaw such practices as the letter comes in the form of a Bill or Invoice.  In the upper right corner it indicates that it is a "Domain Name Expiration Notice". This is the deception as they are not likely the Registrar of your domain name and are unlikely to be your Hosting Service either.
It is simply a way of garnering business through deception in my opinion.  It changes your registrar and your hosting service as well.  You may not even be aware of it and it could impact your business simply because the people maintaining your website may not understand the change and think they have lost the ability to access the account for some period of time until the change is recognized.  My suggestion is that you avoid doing business with any company that does not openly and clearly offer to make the change as your Registrar or Domain Hosting Service in a clear fashion so that you are completely aware that you are making a change.

Fishers of Phishers

Phishers are people that use email schemes (called Phishing) to retrieve specific personal information for use primarily in identity theft and bank account pilfering. They generally use fraudulent emails with an official appearing request for security confirmation of your account information.  They will usually attempt to obtain your account number, username and password by setting up a link within the email to send you to an imitation of the real web site for the bank or financial organization.  There they will have you sign in to your account with your username and password and you will then be taken to a "Confirmation Page" where they will attempt to gather as much information as possible. Some information they may attempt to garner is Mothers Maiden Name, Social Security Number and Drivers License Number.  They may also try to get you to enter a Credit Card Security Code found on the back of the card. All of these pieces of information are extremely valuable to those trying to steal your identity or empty your bank account.

<click here to see a real examples of phishing email >

Notice that they are not addressed directly to you, but to Dear Valued Customer or the like.

One exception is the email from the Money People in NIGERIA that are looking for you to give them access to your banking information so they can transfer huge sums of money to you.  

RIGHT!  They empty your account in a flash and suddenly...  You are broke!

We set them up by allowing their Data Miners, Web crawlers and Robots to collect our email addresses and then we trace them for prosecution or supply their Data miner an email address that sends their email directly to the United States Secret Service or other Appropriate Authority. Using common hacking and tracking techniques, the department is able to identify and aid authorities in the prosecution of the perpetrators quickly and reliably.  They send us the email and we notify the financial institution immediately so as to help minimize any damage from the scheme.  We may then notify the appropriate Authorities. 

Scammers of Spammers

Spammers are people that use email to advertise illegally or to propegate links to web sites that have an illegal or unsolicited content.  Spammers are generally paid to send out emails to anyone and everyone using various schemes that range from email lists to compiled guess lists that target likely email addresses on a random basis. All for the purpose of making a sale of some product or service.  Many of which are illegal, underhanded, scams or shams.  They may use these emails simply to get a confirmation that your email address is active so they can compile a list of known good email addresses and sell them to other spammers. Some attempt to drop small programs into your computer to track your usage of the internet or gather personal information.  Most of them are the kind we all see too many of...  Advertisements for the Super Low Cost Drugs, or Software that has been counterfeited.  Generally they use a fraudulent email return address and falsify the email headers so they can't be traced. All done in the name of making a buck.

We set them up by allowing their Data Miners, Web Crawlers and Robots to collect our email addresses and then we trace them for prosecution. Using common hacking and tracking techniques, the department is able to identify and lead authorities to prosecute the perpetrators quickly and reliably.   

Forwarder of Frauds

 When Fraud Alert becomes aware of and confirms a potential fraud, it immediately informs the institution that is being misrepresented so that they can take preemptive action to prevent the propagation of the fraud amongst its clientele. If the fraud is of certain natures, then Fraud Alert may elect to contact the United States Secret Service and coordinate with them to assist in the identification or prosecution of the perpetrators. Most of the time, we simply provide them with information and or copies of emails that will aid them in establishing their case against the perpetrators. We are proud to be amongst those helping to alleviate users of the internet from all types of fraud.

The link below is  a fraud currently being perpetrated by telephone.  however, it could easily be translated to the internet via email.

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